These cables are MIL Spec coaxial cables with PTFE insulation, Silver Plated copper as braid wire, and FEP or PTFE as jacket. They used in wireless communication, RF and microwave transmission, data transmission and instrumentation control.  These cables based upon MIL-Spec designs and are often referred to by their RG type number. MIL-C-17 is the government specification document used to standardize coaxial cables, it has been in use since the 1940’s.

Key Benefits

  • High performance
  • High Quality
  • MIL-C-17 SPEC
  • PTFE insulation
  • Low loss


  • wireless communication
  • antenna applications
  • instrumentation control
  • RF and microwave transmission
  • data transmission


RG142 0.94mm SPCCS conductor, Double 93%SPC braid, 4.95mm FEP Jacket (Brown) 50+/-2 10-12400 N Male, BNC , SMB Crimp, SMA
RG178 7/0.10mm SPCCS conductor, 95%SPC braid, 1.80mm FEP Jacket (Transparent ) 50+/-2 10-1000 N Male, SMB Crimp, SMA
RG179 7/0.10mm SPCCS conductor, 95% SPC braid, 2.54mm FEP Jacket (Transparent) 75+/-3 10-11000 N Male, SMB Crimp, SMA
RG180 7/0.10mm SPCCS conductor, 90% SPC braid, 3.58mm FEP Jacket (Transparent ) 95+/-5 10-11000 1.6/5.6 connector
RG187 7/0.10mm SPCCS conductor, 95% SPC braid, 2.62mm FEP Jacket (Transparent) 75+/-3 10-1000 1.0/2.3 male connector
RG188 7/0.17mm SPCCS conductor, 95% SPC braid, 2.49mm FEP Jacket (Transparent) 50+/-2 10-11000 SMA male Right angle, SMB Female ,TNC Male


SPCCS : Silver plated copper clad steel

SPC: Silver plated copper

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