G/EPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal)

      EPON OLT is designed by Prevailfor high-density access switching integrated platform which combine multi-service and high-density 10G switchingrequirement. As the new generation of smart equipments for the telecommunicationsintegrated access network, it could build EPON/GPON/10G EPON general platformand have the features of small size, huge capacity, high density and powerfulperformance, which could supply high quality sustainability solution forBroadband Access, Transmission of Mobile Data Base Station, CPN (CustomerPremise Network ), E-Commerce and so on.


EP-OLT-5000 4U compact design,half-size serve slots ; 1+1 master controlredundancy, 1+1power supply redundancy. Hot plug fan chassis,intelligent speed and temperature control. 6slots,2 main control cards,4 line cards. Maximum support64*EPON ports , Support EPON/10GEPONmixed insertion for future new cards. 1.6Tbps widelybackplane capacity and smooth upgrade to 40G/100G . IPv4/IPv6 and MPLShardware line speed forwarding, The whole powerconsumption less than 350W

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