EOC, EOC Master

EOC (Ethernet Over Coax) products mainly for the radio and television network from the optical node to the user access, the existing cable TV HFC network to achieve two-way Internet and cable television network transformation. EOC products include EOC master and EOC Slave. The EOC slave device based on the HomePlug AV coaxial Ethernet access solution is used in conjunction with the same EOC head-end device based on the HomePlug AV solution to build a Layer 2 Ethernet data transmission channel over the coaxial network of cable systems. Coaxial network broadband access services.

EOC is deployed in the existing CATV HFC network to carry out internet and CATV bidirectional networking reconstruction. It consist of master and slave. EOC Master is usually resided at optical node. &  EOC Slave is resided at subscribers’ home.



EOC-S-701W C4 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports (10/100M adaptive), support port auto MDI/MDIX; provide four interfaces: TV, PHONE, WiFi wireless and wired, Plastic Casing, external power adapter. 7.5-65MHz
EOC-M-9720EK C22 Based on HomePlug AV/IEEE P1901 , physical layer rate Up to 700Mbps, OFDM modulation,128 bit DES data encryption, Support EoC link multicast monitor, multicast manage the whole EoC network, Support VLAN (802.1Q) standard, Support SNMP protocol,The maximum attenuation distance of the coaxial network is 500m. 7.5-65MHz
EOC-M-9720EK SD220 Coax Indoor CATV EOC Master, Physical layer rate up to 700Mbps, MAC layer throughput 350Mbps. RF port: 2 TV input + 2 mixed-signal output port. Ethernet: 2 gigabit uplink ethernet ports. Debug: 1 console port + 1 usb device port. Support SNMP protocol, DC Power Adapter input. 7.5~65MHz

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